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JUST IN: White House Comms Director Kate Bedingfield Leaving Post as Biden’s Poll Numbers Crater

Another one.

White House Comms Director Kate Bedingfield is departing the Biden Regime this summer, according to Fox News.

Fox News reported:

A source familiar confirms that Kate Bedingfield is departing the White House later this month. A White House aide told Fox News that Bedingfield is a longtime, loyal Biden aide and is leaving to spend more time with her young children and her husband, who is also a veteran of the Biden admin and campaign. The aide said Bedingfield will help support Biden and the administration from the outside.

In a statement, White House chief of staff Ron Klain lauded Bedingfield’s work in the Biden White House:

“Without Kate Bedingfield’s talent and tenacity, Donald Trump might still be in the White House, the Rescue Plan and the Infrastructure Law might still be unrealized goals, and Kentaji Brown Jackson might not be sitting on the Supreme Court. She has played a huge role in everything the President has achieved – from his second term as Vice President, through the campaign, and since coming to the White House. Her strategic acumen, intense devotion to the President’s agenda, and fierce work on his behalf are unmatched. She will continue to remain a critical player in moving the Biden agenda forward from the outside.”

Bedingfield is stepping away from her post as Biden’s poll numbers crater.

As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported over the weekend, support for Joe Biden continued to collapse as he returned from G7 and NATO meetings in Europe for a long Independence Day weekend.

Gallup has the wrong track number at 87 percent.

The daily CIVIQS tracking poll has Biden hitting new lows of 31 percent approval–and just 19 percent approval among independents. Emerson released a poll Friday showing President Trump beating Biden in a 2024 rematch by 5 points.

The post JUST IN: White House Comms Director Kate Bedingfield Leaving Post as Biden’s Poll Numbers Crater appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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