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Liberals Go Crazy After Fareed Zakaria’s Opinion Piece in Washington Post Says Democrats Should Put Policies Before Pronouns

The far-left has gone insane.  They place pronouns in front of policies and think the average American will join in when they can’t afford gas or meals because of the leftist-run government policies.

On Thursday CNN pundit and Washington Post writer, Fareed Zakaria, wrote a post where he claimed that the left should maybe think about some policies that will help the country rather than focus on pronouns.  His article was titled: “Forget Pronouns: Democrats need to be the party of building things”.

But you’ll notice, the title of the article was changed to “Democrats need to be the party of building things”.  The “Forget pronouns” wording was taken out.

This is because the far-left responded to the radical far-left publication claiming that Fareed was out of line.

Mayor Pete’s husband was one of many left-wing nuts to respond to Zakaria’s insensitivity.

Of course, he and his husband have nothing on their resumes that shows they’re capable of building anything other than pronouns.

Mediaite reported:

The Washington Post changed the headline of an opinion piece by Fareed Zakaria after facing intense backlash on Twitter over the suggestion that Democrats should “Forget Pronouns.”

The article was first posted on Thursday with the headline, “Forget Pronouns: Democrats need to become the party of building things,” and Zakaria shared the article on Twitter with the commentary that getting “stuff done” is “a lot more important to most Americans than using the right pronouns.”

Zakaria’s message was widely criticized, with many emphasizing the importance of respecting pronouns and paying attention to the needs of transgender people.

The post Liberals Go Crazy After Fareed Zakaria’s Opinion Piece in Washington Post Says Democrats Should Put Policies Before Pronouns appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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