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The #1 Tip For Making $140K In One Week {VIDEO}

My student Bryce Tuohey is closing in on $1 million in profits. It wasn’t an easy journey for him, but it’s full of useful tips for new traders just like you…

Watch my first two videos with Bryce below:

Then tune into the video below to discover:

  • How getting over the PDT was a bad thing for Bryce initially.
  • Why there’s no market like a hot OTC market…
  • How Bryce capitalized on a once-in-a-lifetime market.
  • What Byrce did to come back from large account drawdowns and how you can implement it in your trading…
  • Want to learn from Bryce daily? Get in his chat room today!

I’m happy for Bryce — watch the video below to see how excited I am and learn from Bryce’s success!

YouTube Video

I have 20+ millionaire students so far, and they all came from my Trading Challenge. Get access to weekly video lessons, live trading and Q&A webinars, and all my DVDs. Education is the key to success!

Apply to join my Trading Challenge today!

Leave a comment below and congratulate Bryce on his success!

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