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This Is What Happened to US Workers – Socialist Democrats Are Paying People to Stay Home While Destroying the Economy

Over the past few years after COVID something very strange happened.  The small businesses couldn’t find workers after being shut down and destroyed financially.  This occurred across the nation.  If you drove through a drive-through across the country the lines were long and the service was poor.  Many restaurants would even pause in the middle of the day selling to customers because no workers were available.  It wasn’t because people weren’t working hard.  It was because there weren’t enough people to do the work.

You may have asked yourself [like I did] where are the workers?  Before COVID employment was high as well as wages, then comes COVID and the workers disappeared.

TGP reported on this previously commenting on the BS job numbers.  Biden was claiming unemployment was low while everywhere you looked there were no workers and the number of individuals in the job force hadn’t changed materially since before the insane COVID lockdowns.

Biden’s 3.9% Unemployment Is a Farce – Workers Needed All Over Because Government Paying Them More to Stay Home

Finally, we have confirmation on what TGP wrote about back in January.  Americans are being paid to stay at home.  Larry Kudlow was on with Mark Levin where he discussed this change in policy that is in place today.  The Democrats are paying people to stay at home.  They changed long-lasting policies to do so.

At the 28 minute mark in the video below, Kudlow shares:

What you say is quite right.  They jammed down a $2 trillion spending bill against the advice by the way of even some leading Democratic economists who warned them about the inflationary impact, not just conservatives like us.

The other thing is I want to mention when I answer that, to that witches brew you described.  They removed workfare.  They removed work requirements from the Federal assistance plans.  So now you have a position where people are getting paid not to work with no penalties and that they destroyed the welfare reform of 25 years ago which was so successful.

Once again, the Democrat policies are destroying our nation.

Watch the latest video at

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