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Jill Biden Says “Thank You!” as Man Tells Her “Your Husband’s the Worst President We’ve Ever Had!” (Video)

Jill Biden was in New Haven, Connecticut Wednesday as part of a three-state swing touting summer learning programs funded by the Biden administration’s American Rescue Plan.

During her visit, she stopped for ice cream with Gov. Ned Lamont (D) at a Arethusa Farm Dairy shop. On her way in Biden was heckled by a man who yelled, “Your husband’s the worst president we’ve ever had!” Biden waved and yelled back, “Thank you!” as the man continued his heckling saying, “You owe us gas money! You owe us gas money! You owe us gas money!”

The heckler is obscured in the video by a Secret Service agent standing guard in front of the small group of onlookers but he can be seen waving his arm while calling out to Biden.

Lamont posted a photo from inside the ice cream shop.

Local news WTNH-TV showed video of Jill Biden arriving at the ice cream shop as seen above–but with the anchors talking over the heckler so he could not be heard by viewers.

From the you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing department, New Haven residents know what’s up, “If Errol Hutson, who lives across Winchester Ave. from where #FLOTUS Jill Biden was visiting #AlbertusMagnus kids program, could talk to her, “I’d tell her there’s no more middle class. There’s only rich & poor — and it’s real hard out here for families!”

Excerpt from Greenwich Time report on Biden’s visit:

First lady Jill Biden kicked off a three-state tour of summer learning programs funded by her husband’s American Rescue Plan with a stop Wednesday at Albertus Magnus College, where about two dozen elementary students were building with Legos, reading books and showing off spirited summer chants.

Biden, a long-time educator, toured a pair of classrooms at the college run by Westport-based nonprofit Horizons, whose programs offer a kind of hybrid summer camp to catch students up on critical reading, writing and math skills while also offering playful activities such as swim lessons.

The learning gap that many children experience over the summer accelerated during the pandemic — especially those with scattered access to online learning — and will serve as a focus for the first lady’s trip.

“A lot of us missed a lot of time, a lot of days,” during the pandemic, the first lady said to a chorus of “yeahs” from the children. “And it was hard to learn over Zoom, don’t you think?”

Horizons launched the program at Albertus Magnus college last summer with a $140,000 grant from the American Rescue Plan. This year, the program is receiving about half its funding from the federal government, with the other half coming from private donors, according to Jose Oromi, the executive vice president of Horizons National.

The post Jill Biden Says “Thank You!” as Man Tells Her “Your Husband’s the Worst President We’ve Ever Had!” (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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