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JUST IN: Man Who Tried to Assassinate Lee Zeldin Taken Into Custody by FBI One Day After He Was Released

David Jakubonis after attempted assassination of New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin – UpdatesPlug screengrab

As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor previously reported, a man armed with a sharp object jumped on stage and attacked New York Republican nominee for governor Rep. Lee Zeldin during an outdoor campaign rally in the Rochester suburb of Perinton Thursday night.

Thankfully Zeldin was not injured.


The attacker, David Jakubonis, reportedly wrestled with Zeldin but was subdued by someone else at the rally.

Jakubonis, 43, an Army veteran from Fairport, New York was charged with second degree felony and later released from custody.

According to the Daily Mail, Jakubonis was arrested by the FBI on federal assault charges on Saturday.

The Daily Mail reported:

The man who drunkenly attacked the Republican candidate for governor in New York was photographed being taken into custody by FBI, state and county police Saturday on federal assault charges, after being immediately released following the attack under the state’s bail reform laws.

David Jakubonis, 43, an Army veteran, was arrested after allegedly attacking Zeldin with a $10 cat keyring weapon at the congressman’s Thursday campaign rally for state governor, outside of Rochester, New York. He was released hours later.

But on Saturday, cameras saw Jakubonis taken into custody by FBI, New York State police and deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

A six-car motorcade pulled into Jakubonis’ apartment complex a little before noon on Saturday and left with Jakubonis in custody 15 minutes later.

He’s set to make his first appearance in court Saturday afternoon in front of US Magistrate Judge Marion W. Payson.

Lee Zeldin appeared on Fox & Friends on Saturday and discussed the details of the attack.


The post JUST IN: Man Who Tried to Assassinate Lee Zeldin Taken Into Custody by FBI One Day After He Was Released appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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