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Liz Harrington: Biden Is the “Coward” – Along with Others Who Tried to “Rubber Stamped His Illegitimate Results from November 3rd”

Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington called Biden “the coward” as he had “zero courage” during the 2020 riots, which he was “encouraging.”

Joe Biden made up a plethora of lies about Jan 6 on Monday in a call to police in Florida.  Biden made it sound like Trump supporters were beating up cops on Jan 6 and the truth shows Trump supporters helping police pick up trash at the Capitol.

Biden then called President Trump guilty of insurrection when Biden stole the 2020 Election to obtain power for criminal leftovers from the Obama gang who couldn’t win an election fair and square because their policies are anti-American and destruction – look at the economy, Afghanistan, the border, etc.

Liz Harrington called out Joe Biden as the real coward when America saw BLM and Antifa killing Americans in the summer of 2020.

During remarks delivered virtually to a Florida conference for black law enforcement officials on Monday, Biden claimed that “Donald Trump lacked the courage to act” during the Jan. 6th Capitol riot.

Biden’s shot at Trump was “pathetic,” as he had “zero courage” and “zero presence in 2020 when his party was burning down cities across the country and encouraging it,” Harrington said Monday on the “Just the News, Not Noise” TV show.

“And you had Nancy Pelosi calling law enforcement ‘stormtroopers’ as Portland burned for over 100 days in riots,” she told cohosts John Solomon and Amanda Head. “Joe Biden did nothing. In fact, he encouraged lawlessness during his visit to Kenosha after it was President Trump who cleaned that up before another city was going to burn.”

She added that “the only person who was actively trying to make sure that January 6th was a safe event was President Trump,” as he “did everything he could to try to get 20,000 National Guard troops because we knew there was going to be tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Americans there, we knew they were very upset at the rigged and stolen election, and we wanted it to be a safe event.

“You know why? Because we wanted the evidence of election fraud heard. Joe Biden had an interest for that evidence to not be heard. He is the coward here, as well as other members of the political establishment that tried to rubber stamp his illegitimate results from November 3rd.”

The post Liz Harrington: Biden Is the “Coward” – Along with Others Who Tried to “Rubber Stamped His Illegitimate Results from November 3rd” appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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