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EXCLUSIVE: Key Excerpts from President Trump’s Speech in Waukesha, Wisconsin – “This Week, There Were 45 Wins and No Losses”

President Trump is holding a rally tonight in Waukesha, Wisconsin in front of thousands of MAGA supporters.  

President Trump’s message is exceptional again.  Wisconsin is getting destroyed by a corrupt Democrat Governor and a corrupt GOP Secretary of State, Robin Vos.  Below are some excerpts from President Trump’s speech:

This has been an exceptional week for the America First movement. With my endorsement, Blake Masters easily won the nomination for the U.S. Senate in Arizona. Kari Lake won the nomination for Arizona Governor. Tudor Dixon won the nomination for Michigan Governor. John Gibbs defeated RINO Congressman Peter Meijer. This week, there were 45 wins and no losses. Now, we are going to follow up these victories with a massive win on Tuesday right here in Wisconsin!


Mitch McConnell got taken for a ride by Joe Manchin and the group—and the great people of West Virginia have been seriously hurt by these political antics. Joe Manchin has totally sold them out.


After the pandemic, we handed the Radical Democrats the fastest economic recovery ever recorded. Now, they have turned that into two straight quarters of negative economic growth—also known as a recession.


Instead of targeting Republicans, conservatives, Christians, and patriotic parents, the Biden administration should try going in and dismantling the street gangs and vicious criminal cartels.


When Republicans retake Congress, they also need to crack down hard on Big Pharma for giving puberty blockers and other dangerous drugs to mutilate our youth. We will save our kids—and every federal bureaucrat who was complicit in this travesty needs to be immediately fired

The post EXCLUSIVE: Key Excerpts from President Trump’s Speech in Waukesha, Wisconsin – “This Week, There Were 45 Wins and No Losses” appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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