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More Than 60% of Voters Are Concerned with Cheating in The Midterm Elections

What a mess our elections are.  Thanks to Democrat corruption in the 2020 Election steal, most Americans, nearly two-thirds, are concerned about cheating in this November’s election.  They should be.

In the 2020 Election, we saw individuals prevented from reviewing the counting process in major cities like Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Detroit.  Dilbert creator Scott Adams shared a month after the election how the election was over at that point.

Has there been anything done to prevent Democrats from preventing elections to be observed by force in th upcoming election?  Nope.

What about the machines?  Have they been eliminated or replaced?  Nope.

What about absentee ballots and drop boxes?  Are these tools for fraud still in place in most states?  Yep.

Now you can see why Americans are scared about this upcoming election.  Rasmussen Reports released the results of their polling on election integrity this morning.   Some highlights of the survey are as follows:

A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports and The National Pulse finds that 56% of Likely U.S. voters believe every state should require that ballots be available immediately after elections for bipartisan voter reviews to enhance election confidence and transparency. Only 23% are against ballot reviews, while another 21% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)…

…Eighty percent (80%) of likely voters believe the issue of election integrity will be important in this year’s congressional elections, including 59% who think the issue will be Very Important. Just 16% don’t think election integrity will be an important issue in the November midterms…

…Sixty-two percent (62%) of voters are concerned about the possibility of cheating in this year’s midterm elections, including 39% who are Very Concerned. Sixteen percent (16%) are Not Very Concerned about cheating in the November elections, and 17% are Not At All Concerned.



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