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WOW! RINO Tim Scott on Biden Regime’s Tyrannical Raid on President Trump’s Home: “We Need to Let This Play Out” (VIDEO)

Please, South Carolina fix your Senator problem!

Senator Tim Scott joined CBS Mornings on Tuesday and gave his seal of approval after the regime raided President Trump’s home on Monday night in their continued quest to discover a Trump crime.

This was unprecedented in US history.

The Democrat-socialists are now jailing their political opposition and raiding the homes of President Trump and his staunchest supporters.

Senator Tim Scott has no problem with this.

Senator Tim Scott: “There’s been lots of questions before this raid about whether or not the FBI is doing their job apolitical. And we don’t know the answer to that question yet. This is going to raise more questions in my opinion. We need to let this play out and see exactly what happens. But we should all be stunned and surprised and shocked at what happened yesterday. The real question is what is the Federal Records Act and what are we talking about?… We really need to let this play out.

Last week Tim Scott came out in support of Lisa Murkowski.

RINO Scott thinks he is going to run for president one day. He better pick a party first.

The post WOW! RINO Tim Scott on Biden Regime’s Tyrannical Raid on President Trump’s Home: “We Need to Let This Play Out” (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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