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Controversial GOP Speaker in Wisconsin, Robin Vos, Somehow Finds 260 Votes to Beat GOP Primary Challenger

Wisconsin’s corrupt GOP Speaker of the State Assembly, Robin Vos, somehow picked up 260 votes to pull out a win in his GOP primary last night.  

A local FOX affiliate in Madison, Wisconsin reported on Robin Vos’s narrow win last night:

Wisconsin Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos defeated a little-known Donald Trump-endorsed challenger Tuesday, overcoming intense criticism from Trump and others that he hadn’t pursued decertifying the 2020 election won by President Joe Biden.

Vos’ defeat of political newcomer Adam Steen comes just days after Trump held a rally Friday in Wisconsin where Steen spoke. No Democrats are running for the seat.

The recorded vote count with 100% of precincts reporting shows Vos ahead by only 2% or 260 votes:

It’s hard to imagine that Vos could pull this one off.  He’s been so terrible since before the 2020 Election.

TGP reported on Vos not only being involved in the placement of illegal drop boxes in Wisconsin but also in their placement across the country.

EXCLUSIVE: New Information Shows Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Was Intimately Behind the Insertion of Drop Boxes Across the Country

Vos did all he could to ensure the 2020 Election in Wisconsin was certified.  Recently, when it was determined by the Wisconsin State Supreme Court that drop boxes were illegal in the state Vos ignored the results and decided to keep the 2020 Election results certified knowing there are hundreds of thousands of ballots that reportedly were placed in drop boxes in the state in the 2020 Election.

After the 2020 Election, people in Wisconsin and across the country must be wondering if more than 261 votes in the election for Vos were even valid. 

The post Controversial GOP Speaker in Wisconsin, Robin Vos, Somehow Finds 260 Votes to Beat GOP Primary Challenger appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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