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Anne Heche Under Investigation For Felony DUI After Crashing Into Los Angeles Home

Anne Heche photographed morning of crash with (vodka?) in cup holder

Emmy-winning actress Anne Heche is now under investigation for felony DUI after crashing into a Los Angeles home last Friday.

Heche is in a coma and fighting for her life after drunkenly crashing into a Los Angeles home at 90 mph last Friday.

Anne Heche was reportedly driving 90 mph on Friday morning when she crashed into a home in Mar Vista.

Heche’s Mini Cooper burst into flames and the fire engulfed the home.

Heche was hospitalized with severe burns after spending 30 minutes in the burning car.

According to TMZ, Heche is now under investigation for felony DUI because the woman inside of the Mar Vista home suffered injuries.

TMZ reported:

Anne Heche’s horrific crash into a California home now has the potential to land the actress into even deeper legal trouble … she’s now under investigation for felony DUI.

LAPD sources tell TMZ … they’ve now upped the investigation to a felony because the woman inside the home Anne barreled through with her Mini Cooper claims she was injured — suffering cuts requiring medical treatment.

Cops believe Anne was driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol … because she was driving erratically and recklessly, hitting a garage and a parked car before slamming into the home.

Cops also took note of a photo of Anne in the car just before the crash, with what appeared to be a bottle of alcohol in a cup holder.

CBS obtained exclusive video of Anne Heche speeding down a Mar Vista street moments before the fiery crash.


Anne Heche was seen being wheeled into an ambulance: “Oh my gosh! She’s completely alive!” Ariel photo journalist Stu Mundel shouted as Anne Heche sat up on the stretcher.


The totaled Mini Cooper was towed away after the crash:

Anne Heche also crashed into a garage of an apartment complex before she plowed into the home.


The post Anne Heche Under Investigation For Felony DUI After Crashing Into Los Angeles Home appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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