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Project Veritas: Murkowski Campaign Staff Details Hiding ‘Dark Money’ Support on Ranked Choice Voting From Opponents (VIDEO)

Project Veritas on Thursday released part two of its undercover videos exposing RINO Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski.

Project Veritas on Wednesday released video of Senator Lisa Murkowski campaign staffers claiming the Alaska RINO secretly supported [Ballot Measure 2] ranked voting system in her state to ensure election victory.

Alaska handed over their elections to RINOs and Democrats after approving rank choice voting, automatic registration and mail-in voting.

On Wednesday, Project Veritas released undercover video of RINO Murkowski’s staffers claiming the Alaska Senator quietly supports rank choice voting so she can win re-election.

The new undercover video shows a Murkowski staff member “revealing how “dark money” messaging was used to promote Ballot Measure 2, but it would be bad for Murkowski if Alaskans knew the real intent behind that messaging.” PV reported.

Josiah Nash, the Murkowski campaign’s interior coordinator, details how the campaign hides the dark money.

“Most people, you know, aren’t into politics as probably as much as we are, and so they don’t look for this stuff. Where it would be an issue is if the MAGA people and Kelly Tshibaka started [highlighting this] as a major part of their campaign,” Nash said.


A Project Veritas reporter confronted Murkowski on her secret support for the rank choice voting.

Murkowski threw Alaska voters under the bus and blamed the voters.


You can support James O’Keefe and Project Veritas by clicking here.

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