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Judge Roy Moore Wins $8.2 Million From Democrat-Linked PAC For “Defamation”

The radical left’s dirty politics just got a small dose of justice.

A federal jury has awarded Roy Moore $8.2 million in damages — they found the Democratic-aligned Senate Majority PAC defamed him.

The damages come from an ad put out which claimed Moore solicited sex from young girls at a shopping mall and was later banned from the mall.

An attorney for Moore said “they strung quotes together to make a single statement. That’s what the jury found offensive.”

Newsmax reported:

A federal jury awarded Republican Roy Moore $8.2 million in damages Friday after finding a Democratic-aligned super PAC defamed him in a TV ad recounting sexual misconduct accusations during his failed 2017 U.S. Senate bid in Alabama.

Jurors found the Senate Majority PAC made false and defamatory statements against Moore in one ad that attempted to highlight the accusations against Moore. The verdict, returned by a jury after a brief trial in Anniston, Alabama, was a victory for Moore, who has lost other defamation lawsuits, including one against comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

“We’re very thankful to God for an opportunity to help restore my reputation which was severely damaged by the 2017 election,” Moore said in a telephone interview.

But the damage was done to Republicans.

Roy Moore lost the Alabama U.S. Senate seat by a narrow margin (via Wikipedia):

The Washington Examiner notes:

Moore lost the 2017 election to former Sen. Doug Jones, who flipped the seat to Democratic control for the first time in 25 years.

Does $8.2 million compensate for the loss of a Senate seat?

For the antidote to media bias, check out!

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