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Spirit Airlines Employee Gets Into Wild Brawl with Traveler (VIDEO)

A Spirit Airlines employee got into a fight with a traveler at DFW Airport last Thursday.

According to reports, the fight started over a problem with seating on the flight.

A female passenger is seen on video yelling at the Spirit Airlines employee after she realized there was not an available seat for her.

The airline employee told the disgruntled passenger to get in line so a gate agent could assist her.

The traveler cut in line and hit the airline employee in the face after a supervisor took her boarding pass, according to Fox 4 KDFW.

It was at this point that the Spirit Airline employee rushed the passenger and knocked her to the ground.

The Spirit Airlines employee has been suspended pending an investigation.

Fox 4 KDFW reported:

Spirit Airlines said it suspended an employee who got into an argument with a traveler that got out of control at DFW Airport.

Airport police were not on the scene while the fight was happening, but they are investigating. They took a report based on the accounts of the two people involved, plus witnesses who recorded video.

The fight apparently started over a problem with seating on a flight.

No one was taken into custody as both parties were released from the scene after being interviewed. So far, no one has been officially charged.

DFW Airport police confirmed the investigation is still ongoing.


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