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27-Year-Old High School Varsity Basketball Coach “Dies Unexpectedly” of Cardiac Arrest

Tyler Edwards (Source: Facebook)

On Tuesday, high school officials in Comstock Park High School (CPHS) in Michigan confirmed the death of the team’s varsity boys basketball coach, News 8 reported.

Coach Tyler Edwards, 27, died unexpectedly on Monday of suspected cardiac arrest, according to the school’s associate principal and athletic director, Kendra Faustin.

“Words cannot express the loss we feel by the passing of Coach Tyler Edwards. Tyler invested wholeheartedly in our kids, families and community. His genuine care for others and his infectious smile will live forever in the many lives he touched. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Edwards Family and his girlfriend, Ms. Kayla Brooks,” Faustin said in a statement.

According to Faustin, Tyler served as a coach at CPHS for a year.

“I don’t have words yet, and I am not sure I ever will,” Ms. Brooks wrote on her social media account.

“I truly don’t believe this life was meant to be lived without him by my side. Tyler was my person. He was the most amazing boyfriend, best friend, and dog daddy I could have ever asked for – JoJo, and I miss and love you so much” the post concluded.

Kayla Brooks and Tyler Edwards (Source: Facebook)

“There are no words for this kind of devastation. Tyler was hands down the most amazing person this world had to offer. Just his smile alone could light up the darkest room. His family, friends and I will love and miss him dearly, he will remain forever in all of our hearts,” Brooks told News 8.

Many people at Comstock Park Public Schools (CPPS) including friends paid tribute and were saddened by the sudden death of Tyler.

“The world lost a good one yesterday. Tyler Edwards was one of the most universally liked guys I‘ve ever known. We had a lot of good times together. Truly heartbreaking. He will be missed by many,” Tyler’s friend, Jason Lintjer wrote.

Source: Greg Burks/Facebook

“When I look at this picture it’s a person who’s back is turned but I know who he is because the group he is talking to is all smiling! Kyle, Dre and JD all are in a joyous mood talking to Tyler Edwards,” Tyler’s friend Greg Burks wrote.

“Tyler was one of those types of people who always had infectious positive energy. When Tyler was interviewing for the coaching job at Comstock he let me know. He asked my opinion and what I thought it would entail of being a high school head coach. Coming from the college ranks as an assistant would be different… I’m glad to have been one of the many to know you. Tye, you will be missed lil bro! You are one of the good ones! Be sure to tell my pops when you get up there you was my guy.”

The post 27-Year-Old High School Varsity Basketball Coach “Dies Unexpectedly” of Cardiac Arrest appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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