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Greg Gutfeld Slams Liz Cheney’s Self-Importance After Loss: ‘It’s Actually Getting Embarrassing’ (VIDEO)

Liz Cheney not only lost the Republican primary in Wyoming this week, she got clobbered.

And yet, after a stunning loss, she gave a bizarre concession speech where she compared herself to Abraham Lincoln and even teased a possible national campaign.

She is not living in reality. Her hatred of Trump has completely clouded any common sense she once had.

On The Five on FOX News, Greg Gutfeld put the situation into perspective, saying that Cheney is embarrassing herself at this point.

Mediaite has details:

‘It’s Embarrassing For You’: Greg Gutfeld Savages Liz Cheney For ‘Emotional Brokenness,’ Tells Her to ‘Calm Down’

Greg Gutfeld ripped Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) the day after she lost her race to GOP primary challenger Harriet Hageman.

Cheney has drawn the ire of former President Donald Trump over her membership on the House Jan. 6 committee investigating his role in the 2021 Capitol insurrection. She voted to impeach Trump after the riot. In her concession speech, Cheney invoked Union soldiers from the Civil War who “are speaking to us down through generations.”

Gutfeld slammed Cheney over the comment and her disdain for Trump on Wednesday’s episode of The Five.

“She compared this to the Civil War,” he noted. “She is nuts, ok? She’s overtaken with such obsession and such emotional bitterness that she has this grandiose view of herself and it’s actually now getting embarrassing. It’s embarrassing for her. I wish he had a friend that could take her aside saying, ‘You’ve got to calm down.’”

Watch the whole video below or skip to the 6 minute mark:

Lots of people are dunking on Cheney over the Lincoln comments:

She really is delusional.

Cross posted from American Lookout.

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