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The Biden Effect: Taliban Now Controls More Territory in Afghanistan Today than They Did on 9-11 21 Years Ago

The 7th-century barbarians known as the Taliban took control Panjshir Province in Afghanistan one year ago this week.
This was the final Afghan province not under their control to fall to the Taliban.

The Taliban today today controls all of Afghanistan.

Via Fauzan Akbar

FOX Business Network aired this map in August 2021.

There are no remnants of a Western-backed government remaining in Afghanistan toay and hundreds if not thousands of Americans are trapped inside the country.

When you look back at 2001, twenty years ago, the Taliban held less territory in Afghanistan than they do today in 2021.

The Taliban at that time did not control the northwest region where the Northern Alliance was in control.

But today the Taliban now controls the entire country.
Afghanistan is officially a terror state today thanks to Joe Biden.

Joe Biden cut and ran. The US surrendered to the barbarians under Joe Biden.

The Stream explained the situation perfectly today.

We’ve Never Cut and Run So Abjectly Before

Donald Trump managed to stabilize the situation there to stop Americans dying, but when Chinese-compromised Joe Biden was elected, the fight went out of our allies. They knew the end was coming. They didn’t know — how could they? — how suddenly and abjectly Biden would surrender. Never before, not in Lebanon, or Vietnam, not in the worst military defeats our nation ever suffered, had our forces just cut and run. We left behind hundreds of U.S. citizens, and tens of thousands of Afghan allies to whom we’d given visas and promised safe harbor. We fled like terrified children from a burning school.

And at the end, we left the country even worse than we found it. It is now again ruled by the vicious, theocratic terrorist-harboring Taliban, and even more closely aligned with China. It now has some $80 or $90 billion worth of military equipment which Biden left behind, more than the annual military budget of almost every country on earth. It no longer has a Northern Alliance of ethnic minorities fighting against it as in 2001; those people trusted the American-sponsored regime, and put down their arms. Don’t you wonder what’s happening to them now? Perhaps you’d rather not know.

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