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What Happened to Rep. Jim Jordan? What Is His Hesitancy with Big Tech?

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan was an NCAA wrestling champ.  Pound for pound he’s one of the toughest guys ever elected into the US House of Representatives.  He was revered as one of the strongest conservatives in Congress as well. 

Attorney Mike Davis shared on the War Room, the House’s efforts to pass three anti-censorship bills in the House that would have prevented Big Tech from censoring conservatives.  After discussing the bills that were presented to the House, Davis shared what happened to the bills in the House.

There’s no reason that House Republicans should have opposed these bills.  But only 39 House Republicans joined these bills because Congressman Jim Jordan whipped so hard against these bills and it is baffling to a lot of people that he’s doing this because he pretends like he is this champion against Big Tech when in fact he takes Big Tech money and his staff takes Big Tech trips.

He needs to decide whether he’s going to be a champion for his constituents back in Ohio or if he’s going to continue to be Google ship.



In May Jordan said he would support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House if the GOP regains it.  This was disappointing.  The grassroots wanted Jordan as Speaker.

Disappointing: Jim Jordan Says He Will Support Weak RINO Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker (VIDEO)

Jim Jordan was excellent in addressing the Russia collusion lies from the Deep State.  What happened to him?

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