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“There’s a Lot of People Looking Back Going: “You Know, Maybe that Election Was Stolen”” – Christina Bobb on the 2020 Election

Christina Bobb joined Joe Hoft, filling in on the Steve Malzberg Show on Tuesday on TNT.

Early in the show, Joe shared the difference between Ms. Bobb and CNN’s Anderson Cooper who made fun of OAN, and Ms. Bobb after she signed off on the list of items taken by the FBI during their unlawful raid of Mar-a-Lago.

The comparison between Bobb and Cooper was startling.

OAN DESTROYS ANDERSON COOPER After He Mocks Trump Attorney Christina Bobb – MUST SEE VIDEO

Christina joined the show at the 16:30 mark below.  She shared the following regarding CNN.

CNN has basically become a leftist propaganda machine.  They are trying to salvage their reputation.  I don’t know if they’ll be successful with that or not.

She appreciated OAN’s rebuttal to CNN and then discussed the 2020 election.

Speaking about CNN and Mainstream Media, I think they tried real hard to chug along and roll right past it.  They hated Donald Trump.  They hated what he represented which is returning power back to the American people, making sure that American people have all of their rights…

…Thanks to outlets like One America News and the Gateway Pundit, we didn’t give up on that story, we kept digging into it.  I think now, especially with Joe Biden’s performance, I think there’s a lot of people looking back going: “You know, maybe that election was stolen”.

I think a lot of people didn’t want to look at it early on.  They didn’t want to recognize the gargantian problem we were facing but now they’re kind of forced to, just because of the state of the world really.

Listen to the entire interview below.

The post “There’s a Lot of People Looking Back Going: “You Know, Maybe that Election Was Stolen”” – Christina Bobb on the 2020 Election appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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