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Are We Now Americans By Occupation Only?

Connor Mortell joins Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop to discuss his recent article entitled “We Are Not the Government, but America Is No Longer Anything More than the Government” and to consider what it means to be an American in the current era. As Americans become increasingly divided politically and culturally, and as those divides fuel a great migration within the country, what truly unites Americans—beyond sharing a common oppressive regime? How modern is this development? What can be done to further build on these trends, to undermine the control of that regime further? These questions and more are considered in this episode of Radio Rothbard

Recommended Reading

“We Are Not the Government, but America Is No Longer Anything More than the Government” by Connor Mortell:

“College Conference Switching as Secession? A Case Study in ‘Nations by Consent'” by Connor Mortell:

“Nations by Consent” by Murray N. Rothbard:

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