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Disney Park Charges Unvaccinated Guests More, Offers Discount to Vaccinated Guests to Boost Vaccinations

As part of an effort to increase vaccination rates in the Land of the Rising Sun, Tokyo Disney Park is providing a special discount on theme park admission to guests who have received their COVID vaccinations.

The woke company now offers a “discount” for guests, both international and domestic, who can prove they are “fully boosted and vaccinated.”

Disney Fanatics reported:

It has been two years, but it appears that there is still a push by some to continue to push pandemic-era restrictions and policies and make life more difficult for those who choose not to comply.

One such example of this authoritarian endurance can be found at Tokyo Disney Resort.

According to its website, a new “discount” has been issued that is only available to “fully-vaccinated” Guests (both domestic and international) in order to boost of vaccinations in the Land of the Rising Sun. Called the “Event Wakuwari Discount” program, a special 20% discount will be available on 1-day ticked.

Vaccinated Guests can save 20% on one-day Passports valid from October 13, 2022, to January 31, 2023. Prices are as follows:

Adult: 6,320 yen / 6,720 yen / 7,120 yen / 7,520 yen
Junior: 5,280 yen / 5,600 yen / 5,920 yen / 6,240 yen
Child: 3,760 yen / 4,000 yen / 4,240 yen / 4,480 yen

Vaccinated Guests with disabilities and one accompanying person can purchase one-day Passports at the following rate:

Adult: 5,200 yen / 5,440 yen / 5,680 yen / 5,920 yen
Junior: 4,240 yen / 4,480 yen / 4,720 yen / 4,960 yen
Child: 3,040 yen / 3,200 yen / 3,360 yen / 3,520 yen

In order to access the special discount, Guests must provide the following:

  • Vaccination record (3rd vaccination completed)
  • PCR test negative certificate (using samples collected within 3 days before admission)
  • Antigen quantitative test negative certificate (collected within 3 days before admission) using the specimen)
  • Antigen qualitative test negative certificate (using a specimen collected within 1 day before admission)

Guests will be able to purchase the tickets online, but Cast Members will be checking credentials before Guests can claim the Passports to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Guests under 12 will not need to show proof of vaccination so long as they are accompanied by a “fully vaccinated” adult.

Guests who are unvaccinated or do not currently qualify as “fully vaccinated” can still visit Tokyo Disney Resort for full price as long as they show a negative antigen/PCR test taken within three days of admission.

The post Disney Park Charges Unvaccinated Guests More, Offers Discount to Vaccinated Guests to Boost Vaccinations appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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