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Wow! Man Breaks Window to Steal Car across Street from Tim Michels Presser in Tony Evers’s Crime Ridden Milwaukee

Surveillance camera image of the man who attempted steal a car during a Tim Michels press conference in Milwaukee.

At a press conference for Trump-endorsed candidate for Governor, Tim Michels, in Milwaukee, a man tried to steal a Fox producer’s Kia in broad daylight.

The break-in and attempted theft occurred last Thursday, right across the street from the press conference.

Here is coverage from Fox 6.

Michels went on camera at the scene of the crime and called out left-wing Democrats, Governor Tony Evers and Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes (challenger to Republican Senator Ron Johnson) for their horrendous failure to manage the crime spiking epidemic in Milwaukee.

While walking around the vehicle’s smashed window, Michaels said, “this is what happens when you have weak leadership–The bad guys are so emboldened, they’re like I don’t care if there’s cameras around people around… future governors around…I know I’m going to get away with it.”

Their failure is so bad, it almost seems like they are intentionally trying to make crime worse in Wisconsin.

As we previously reported, more than 800 violent felons from murderers to child rapists have been released from prison on early parole under the Evers/Barnes administration.

In 2019, Evers nominated Black Lives Matter supporting city councilman, John Tate, as chairman of the Parole Commission. Tate was an outspoken advocate for prison reforms and reduction in sentencing. Given the mile long list of hardened-violent criminals he released, it must be asked if Tate intentionally chose the most dangerous to live free once again among law abiding Wisconsinites.

Since 2019, during his first term as Governor of Wisconsin, at least 884 convicted prisoners have been released under Evers Parole Commission, including more than 300 convicted murderers, attempted murderers and child rapists.

The list of those paroled early, obtained by Freedom of Information requests and compiled by WRN is both staggering and shocking.

  • 1st Degree Intentional Homicide 171
  • 1st-Degree Reckless Homicide 62
  • Felony Murder 18
  • 2nd-Degree Intentional Homicide 18
  • 2nd Degree Reckless Homicide 3
  • Homicide by Intoxicated Use of Vehicle 2
  • 1st Degree Sexual Assault 24
  • 2nd Degree Sexual Assault 15
  • 1st Degree Sexual Assault of Child 26
  • 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of Child 5
  • Repeated Sexual Assault of Same Child 13

Mass murderer and Christmas parade killer Darrell Brooks was let out of jail before his deadly rampage thanks to Democrat politicians in the state.

Governor Evers Says People of Wisconsin Should “Sit Back and Take a Breath” After Violent Criminal Was Released Back Out on Street and Murders 6 at Waukesha Christmas Parade

Wisconsin Right Now reports “vehicle thefts are up 118% this year since the same time in 2020. Vehicle thefts were 3,032 in 2020 YTD, compared to 6,598 this year.”

The post Wow! Man Breaks Window to Steal Car across Street from Tim Michels Presser in Tony Evers’s Crime Ridden Milwaukee appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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