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Baby Formula Shortage Persists – New Parents Ask Biden “Where Are You? Wake Up!”

The Biden Administration still hasn’t found a solution to the baby formula shortage.  What gives?

We first reported on the baby formula shortage in May of this year.  After days of reporting, Joe Biden finally realized there was a shortage.

“All of a Sudden It’s on the Front Page of Every Newspaper” – Dummy Joe Biden Finally Addresses Baby Formula Shortage (VIDEO)

The shortages began with Biden’s FDA shutting down a huge baby formula plant in Michigan.  Finally, three months later, after some shady actions, the plant was allowed to reopen.

After Causing the US Baby Formula Crisis, FDA Head Now OK with Opening Plant FDA Shut Down Three Months Ago

But the baby formula shortages persisted.

Joe Biden’s America: Desperate Mother Waits on Tarmac For Baby Formula Amid Nationwide Shortage (VIDEO)

Unfortunately for young families across the country, this issue has not yet been addressed.

FOX News reports:

Parents nationwide are still struggling to find baby formula months after panic first ensued, and one mother is sharing her message for the Biden administration over the crisis.

Louisiana mother Amber Bergeron joined “Fox & Friends First” Wednesday to discuss her struggle to find baby formula for her premature twins and the Biden administration’s failure in handling the shortage.

“The conclusion that I have come to is the American people need to remember this,” Bergeron told co-host Todd Piro. “Remember that the children, our future, was not important to this administration. I’d like to ask the president, where are you for our future? Where are you? You need to wake up.”

Watch the latest video at

Biden has no idea what’s going on and he certainly has no idea how to fix the baby formula shortage.  As a result, America is now in poor shape in every arena. 

The post Baby Formula Shortage Persists – New Parents Ask Biden “Where Are You? Wake Up!” appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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