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Leftist ASU Goes On Lockdown For Katie Hobbs Interview With PBS – While Kari Lake Holds “Chicken Dinner” in Honor of Katie with Supporters and Tulsi Gabbard

Democrat Katie Hobbs is set to be interviewed by Arizona PBS in place of a debate with Kari Lake after the Arizona Clean Elections Commission cut ties with PBS and chose a new debate moderator.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Arizona PBS has decided to go against the Arizona Clean Elections Commission by offering Democrat Katie Hobbs a 30-minute interview, in place of a debate, despite the commission’s rejection of this proposal from the Hobbs campaign.

BREAKING: Arizona PBS To Defy The Arizona Clean Elections Commission, Allow Katie Hobbs One-On-One Interview In Place Of Debate – Kari Lake Releases ‘Statement On PBS’ Betrayal’

Twice-convicted racist Katie Hobbs refuses to debate Kari Lake in fear of defending her record and explaining herself to the Arizona voters.

TGP has reported extensively on Katie Hobbs’ record of racism, her embrace of slavery in high school, her failure to name one good thing about the Hispanic community in Arizona, and her recent freak-out when confronted by a black reporter.

Katie Hobbs was recently confronted about her debate dodge on CNN, where she lied and claimed that Kari Lake is the one who is “afraid of talking to voters.”

Last week, Kari Lake gave Arizona PBS a deadline of 12 p.m. on Friday to agree to host a debate, and they didn’t respond.

After splitting with Arizona PBS, the Arizona Clean Elections Commission has scheduled a new debate for October 23rd with KAZT/AZTV7.

Will Reinert from the Republican Governors Association called Katie Hobbs out, saying she has five days left to prepare and “come up with answers to defend the “slave day” auction you organized, why you’re a 2x convicted racist, and explain why you couldn’t think of 1 good quality about Latinos.”

Katie Hobbs will still do an interview with Arizona PBS tonight. ASU is putting the Cronkite School of Journalism on lockdown until tomorrow, claiming, “we do not know what the onsite circumstances may be around the Cronkite building after 3 p.m.”

This appears to be an attempt by liberal ASU to cause panic and fault Kari Lake.

However, Lake shared that her supporters will be too busy enjoying a “chicken dinner” in honor of Katie Hobbs for chickening out of a debate.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Tulsi Gabbard endorsed Kari Lake will join MAGA Republicans for a chicken dinner tonight at 7:30 p.m.

BREAKING: Former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard Endorses Kari Lake For AZ Governor, Slams The “Warmongering Elitist Cabal” And “Propagandists In The Mainstream Media”


The post Leftist ASU Goes On Lockdown For Katie Hobbs Interview With PBS – While Kari Lake Holds “Chicken Dinner” in Honor of Katie with Supporters and Tulsi Gabbard appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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