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Trans Guest on CNN Refuses to Acknowledge Gender Identity of Colorado Shooter, It Was Obvious From Mugshot, “That’s a Man”

In an interview with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, Natalee, a friend of Colorado Springs Club Q victim Kelly Loving, spoke about the terrible tragedy.

Camerota was still reeling from finding out that the Colorado Springs shooter identifies as “nonbinary” and uses the pronouns they/them.

In the interview with Loving’s friend Natalee, Camerota says, “Natalee, when we started the show, we just got, we just got a little bit of news earlier that the attorneys for the shooter are now saying that the shooter is ‘nonbinary’ and the shooter would like to use the pronouns they/them…and this is for the court and all court papers,,,,and that’s what Anderson Aldrich’s attorneys are now saying. Any thoughts on that?”

Natalee could not stop rolling her eyes to the statement and responded saying, ” I think that’s complete ludicrous…I believe they’re just saying that cause they wanna have the easy way out on this.”

“That’s really, really offending especially being a transgender woman myself, that a male, which was obvious with the mugshot, that’s a man…that’s not a non binary person, because in no way shape or form could they appear as a woman the next day. It’s really offensive to even hear that, that they’re playing that role…and if they are non binary why would go after the club where you feel safe at….why would you do that to a community you are welcomed in…if you are nonbinary.”

Sounds like Natalee doesn’t agree with people being able to self-identify their genders or pronouns.


The post Trans Guest on CNN Refuses to Acknowledge Gender Identity of Colorado Shooter, It Was Obvious From Mugshot, “That’s a Man” appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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