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Debunked: “Red States Are Just Welfare Queens”

This episode of Radio Rothbard revisits a point in our previous episode about the popular claim on leftwing Twitter that red-state America would be a “third world country” without support from the federal government. Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop discuss Ryan’s recent article on the topic, as well as the legacy of populist politics, and the unseen consequences of uniparty addiction to DC money.

Recommended Reading

“No, Red State Economies Don’t Depend on a “Gravy Train” from Blue States” by Ryan McMaken:

“Selling Our Sovereignty: Alabama’s Federal Dependency” by Katherine Green Robertson:

“Why MTG Is Right About National Divorce” (Radio Rothbard with Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop):

“How to Think about the Economy” (Mises Seminar in Tampa) featuring Jeff Deist, Dr. Joe Salerno, Dr. Per Bylund, Tho Bishop, and Brett Lindell:

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