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Submission Guidelines for the Mises Wire

The Mises Wire depends on unaffiliated contributors for a significant proportion of its content. We welcome submissions from everyone, regardless of educational achievements and other credentials, so please send us your essays!

We’re looking for short articles that approach real-world economic issues from an Austro-libertarian perspective (read: not just theory). We also accept history and sociology pieces that make use of Austrian or libertarian ideas. Radicalism is welcome, but submissions should aim to reach people beyond the free-market sphere.

Send essays to with “Mises Wire submission” in the subject line.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your essay for consideration.

1. Do not submit your essay to other outlets while we’re reviewing it.

2. Send your essay as a Word document.

3. If you’re submitting multiple essays, send each one in a separate email.

4. Essays must be 500 to 1,500 words.

5. Use links and examples to support your assertions. Unsubstantiated rants won’t be considered.

6. No footnotes or parenthetical citations. Links only.

7. Provide a source for all tables and figures.

8. Use clear, everyday language. We’re not an academic journal.

9. Don’t lean on quotes. We’re looking for a fresh iteration of Austrian ideas, not an abridged edition of Human Action.

Ready? Submit now!

Authors should not expect payment for unsolicited articles.

All articles accepted and published by the Mises Institute are considered to be property of the Mises Institute. Articles are published under a Creative Commons attribution by the Mises Institute and can be used in any book, publication, advertising, etc., deemed appropriate by the Mises Institute. Request by a third party to reprint or disseminate an article published by the Mises Institute will be granted under the Creative Commons attribution.

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