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From Rothbard to Tucker: Regime Conservatives Purge Dissent

In this episode of Radio Rothbard, Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop discuss the cancellation of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show and the similar treatment of Murray Rothbard by Bill Buckley. What does Tucker’s cancelation mean for the growing anti-regime trends on the right, and why do “conservative” gatekeepers prefer the company of the left more than their audience? We look at this and more on this episode of Radio Rothbard.

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Recommended Reading

“Murray Rothbard, RIP” by William F. Buckley Jr.:

“Frank Meyer’s Fusionism and the Search for Consensus Among Conservatives” by Paul Gottfried:

“NotCon 3 Video: The Failure of Fusionism”

“Why Fox Fired Tucker: BlackRock, Replacement Theory, and the ADL” by Michael Rectenwald

“Buckley Revealed” by Murray Rothbard

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